Helpful Tips for Fair Goers

FAIR WEEK approaches... While it is the goal of everyone involved to ensure a safe, entertaining, and memorable atmosphere, there are a few things that should be addressed:

PARADE NIGHT: the parade route and some of its surrounding roads will be shut down at 6:45 PM in preparation for the parade. This is the deadline for being either INSIDE the parade route OUTSIDE the parade route for the duration (appx 2 hours).  Please plan ahead if you need to cross the route. You will have to do it on foot. 

PARKING:  the Fair Committee, Public Works, and the Police Department all work very hard to minimize traffic and parking impact during the week of the fair.  We will begin parking clearing and enforcement on Monday starting at 5:30 PM. If you customarily park downtown or in the railroad lot, please move your vehicle prior to that time.  Please do not park in posted areas, on private property without permission, or in any other place that may impede the flow of traffic.

TRAFFIC: our traffic patterns have been set up to maximize safety and flow. Please follow the detours as posted. Please do not disregard coned off areas, and PLEASE do not remove or tamper with any of the temporary or permanent traffic control devices put in place.

PARADE ROUTE: we will begin checking the parade route well in advance of the beginning of the parade. Vehicles parked on the route MUST BE REMOVED. We will be reasonable in attempting to contact you, but ultimately they may be towed away.

CHAIRS, CHAIRS, AND MORE CHAIRS: chairs left unattended along the parade route prior to noon on Sunday, September 23 are subject to removal. Leave them at your own risk.

ANIMALS: borough ordinance prohibits pets in any area of the fair that is open to the public during fair week. This applies to all animals, including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, snakes, skunks, etc. Service animals THAT PERFORM A TASK are exempt from the prohibition.  The Americans with Disabilities Act does not recognize Therapy, or Comfort animals, so those animals are still prohibited.  See this link for clarification:

UNINVITED / NON-PAYING DISPLAYS:  this is a permitted event, and the fair committee has authority over who can sell/distribute/display or otherwise interact with the public.  Unlicensed selling, telling, demonstrating,  performing, etc is prohibited.  If you are not a licensed vendor and you attempt to sell a product or demonstrate for a cause, you may be removed and or prosecuted.  Please respect the rules of the fair and the laws of Pennsylvania.

Thank you all for your consideration, and we look forward to seeing you at the 100th Anniversary.