Ephrata Police warn public and businesses of yet another scam.

Ephrata Police received information from the nightshift manager at the Ephrata Wendy's Restaurant regarding a Scam/Fraud involving an employee at the restaurant. 

Wendy's Restaurant manager reported an employee received a call at about 10pm on 1-18-19 on the restaurant land line from "Wendy's Corporate Office Financial Department" where the person (scam suspect) advised the worker there were accounting errors concerning the Ephrata Wendy's restaurant.   The scam suspect was able to convince the employee the only way to avoid having the restaurant closed down and employee layoffs would be to count the money on hand and send it to the "Wendy's Corporate Financial" via Walmart Visa cards.   The scam suspect convinced the employee to call back on a cellphone where the scam suspect continued to instruct the employee to drive to the nearest Walmart, purchase several Visa cards and read off the Visa card numbers to the suspect.   Finally it was reported the scam suspect convinced the employee to destroy the Visa cards once the transactions were done.      

Subsequent investigation revealed the "800" number provided to the worker was for a "clearing house" of other phone extensions which gave access other "businesses" such as to contact "Taco Bell" and "Microsoft" so if the victim attempted to call the "corporate office" back in an attempt to "verify" information or if the call was "dropped" they would use the extension given and speak with a live person.  

Ephrata Police caution the public and businesses against purchasing gift cards at the request of someone over the telephone.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

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