Crash Invovling School Van



Ephrata Police have completed their investigation into an early morning crash involving a van transporting young children for Ephrata School District and an SUV. 

The crash occurred on Tuesday 09-25-18 at approximately 9am at the intersection of West Fulton and Arch Streets

Police learned at the time of the crash the school van carrying two young children and driven by Tabitha Heindel F/47 of Ephrata, was traveling east on W. Fulton St and as the van slowed to turn left onto Arch St a blue SUV struck the van.   The SUV driven by Heather Spring F/39 of Ephrata was behind the school van also traveling east when reportedly the SUV also attempted to turn left onto Arch St just as the van turned and the SUV stuck the driver's side of the school van.  

The children were not injured but the school van driver, Heindel apparently sustained a minor injury and was transported to Ephrata Hospital by ambulance.  The SUV driver Heather Spring was not injured but as a result of the investigation Spring was issued a traffic citation for following to close.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Case Status: