New Partnership For EPD!

The Elizabethtown police Department is proud to announce that we are now partnering with Career Ready Lancaster! to assist area residents with navigating the intricacies of entering or progressing in the workforce.  From their website: "Lancaster County is rich with career opportunities– from manufacturing, healthcare, education, technology, and more. With so many different directions, we find that people need a little guidance while they explore and develop their career path. That’s why Career Ready Lancaster! is here– to help you explore your options and determine what direction to take."   Initially, we will be working with the Elizabethtown Area School District to assist the students in the school as they prepare to enter into the "real world." 

Chief Cunningham said that, "This partnership between EPD and CRL! is a win-win for everyone.  Working with CRL! will help us with the vital job of dismantling the stigma that exists between police and the youth that we work with.  If we work together with the kids to help them prepare for life after high school, they will learn that we are people that they can trust and rely upon as they move forward.  Additionally, as we are continually working to increase the pool of applicants who are interested in becoming police officers, we can work with these students to hopefully build interest in becoming the next generation of police officers who will be protecting and serving long into the future!"

More information about Career Ready Lancaster can be found on the web at their website, and a link to the program has been added to EPD's CrimeWatch page (Resources Page) for ease of navigation.