Honoring Our Veterans

The Elizabethtown - PA Police Department would like to take a moment to honor and respect those who have stepped up to serve and protect their fellow citizens as a member of the US Military Veterans. Your courage and leadership is an example and an inspiration to all of us! We'd especially like to take a moment to thank Officer Leonard, Officer Kadilak, Officer Goshen, Officer Cook, and Officer Lefever for their service to our great Country!

On this Veterans Day, please look around to see those who have served, those who are still serving. and those who are getting ready to serve in the future. Our present is great because of what you've done for us, and our future is brighter because you are willing to stand on the line and protect what we all love. I am honored to work with you all, and I am thankful for you and your service.

Finally, but definitely not least, please also take a moment to thank the families of those veterans. It is very difficult to stand on the front line without knowing that you have a solid support system back home. To all of the Blue Star Families and Gold Star Family members out there, the Elizabethtown - PA Police Department is forever grateful to you as well!