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On 3/26/15, East Lampeter Twp PD was dispatched to a home invasion robbery in progress at a residence in the 00 blk of Bowman Road. It was reported that two White males and three Black males armed with a shotgun were attempting to force their way into the residence. The residence was occupied at...
Arrested for Retail Theft at Walmart after he placed eight (8) Lego play sets and one (1) Flicker vacuum cleaner, valued at $628.04, in a shopping cart and walked out of the store without paying. When confronted by Loss Prevention, the suspect fled on foot and was apprehended by ELTPD patrol...
Gerri Ann Cavanaugh Strasburg, PA was charged with felony Retail Theft on April 8 2015 after an investigation. On March 26 2015, Cavanaugh is accused of concealing $67.49 worth of merchandise and fleeing the store.
On 4/4/15,Joann BROWN was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart. BROWN concealed clothing, valued at $20.00, in a shopping bag and exited the store without paying for the merchandise. BROWN was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor Retail Theft due to a prior retail theft disposition.
Subject was charged with Retail Theft by Officer Redden after concealing a pair of earbuds inside his coat pocket . Earbuds valued at $19.88.