PUblic Service Announcement


   The East Lampeter Township Police Department has responded to 5 reported opioid drug overdoses since 01/08; 4 incidents have resulted in the death of the patient. Officers have responded to 3 EMS/Overdose calls within the last 12 hours. It appears that there may be an increased potency in the local supply of opioids.

   We are providing this information for the members of our community who struggle with opioid addiction as well as their family and friends. The dangers of opioid use have been widely reported; still, addiction remains a very real problem and we want those who battle this disease to be aware of this new and immediate threat to their health and life. 

   We are asking for the help of our community and to use caution – if you locate any suspected drug, drug paraphernalia, and especially any glassine style bags that may contain heroin or fentanyl to please call the East Lampeter Township Police Department so that these items can be safely disposed of. These deaths are being actively investigated; if you have any information regarding the sale and/or delivery of opioids please contact the East Lampeter Township Police Department at (717) 291-4676.