Aggressive Driving Enforcement Announcement

   East Lampeter Township Police Officers are currently participating in aggressive driving enforcement activities as part of a statewide wave which began on Friday March 18 and runs to April 24, 2022.  These details are sponsored by PennDot and include the PA State Police as well as over 300 municipal police departments with a purpose of reducing the number of crashes, injuries, and deaths on roadways throughout the Commonwealth that are associated with aggressive driving.

     The primary focus will be on distracted driving, speeding, and work zone awareness; however, other aggressive driving behaviors will also be targeted, including: tailgating, illegal U-turns, unsafe passing and lane changes, running red lights and stop signs, as well as blocking intersections. Additionally, seatbelt and child seat violations will be enforced.  Any aggressive driver stopped by police should expect to be cited.  Officers will be monitoring traffic in both East Lampeter and Upper Leacock Townships.

   The intent of this announcement is to hopefully prevent our motoring public from being stopped and cited.  We believe that education and paying attention now to avoid a ticket will help drivers develop safer driving habits in the future and reduce the number of injuries and deaths associated with aggressive driving.  PLEASE - watch your speed.  DON'T TEXT.  Drive SOBER.  Stay FOCUSED on driving.  Follow the rules of the road and BE KIND to other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.  Together we can all help save a life.