Title Offender Type Docket No. Date Issuedsort ascending Holding Dept
Heckstall, Berrell M - ( (1) count of Aggravated Assault (F1) and 1 additional charge Heckstall, Berrell M Criminal Mj-02205-CR-0000240-2020 December 1, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Rote, Kyle W. - (1 count) of False Identification To Law Enforcement Rote, Kyle W. Bench MJ-02205-CR-0000078-2020 October 7, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Tarr, Laura Michelle - (1 count ) Retail Theft (M1) Tarr, Laura Michelle Criminal MJ-02205-CR-0000197-2020 October 5, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Johns, jeffrey Grant - ( 1 count ) DUI and 1 additional charge Johns, jeffrey Grant Criminal MJ-02205-CR-0000170-2020 August 31, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Gonzalez-Acosta, Wilson - 6105 (a)(1) Persons not to possess EH-20-03442 - Gonzalez-Acosta, Wilson Bench MJ-02205-CR-0000127-2020 July 13, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Le, Tham Hong - (1 Count) Indirect Criminal Contempt (Protection From Abuse Order Violation) Le, Tham Hong PFA MJ-02205-MD-0000047-2020 June 24, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Gonzales, Nidia Iveliz - (1 count) Forgery (F-3) and 1 additional charge Gonzales, Nidia Iveliz Criminal MJ-02205-CR-0000118-2020 June 16, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Blair, Kyle - (1 count) Theft by Deception (M1) Blair, Kyle Bench MC-02205-CR-0000002-2020 March 2, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Williams, James Junior - Title 18 3921 (a) Theft by unlawful taking or disposition Williams, James Junior Bench MJ-02205-CR-0000010-2020 February 19, 2020 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Dickerson, Monica Maria - Forgery and Theft by Deception Dickerson, Monica Maria Criminal MJ-02205-CR-0000035-2016 January 29, 2016 East Hempfield Twp. PD
Frankford, Amanda J - Theft by Deception (M1) A0802547 - Frankford, Amanda J Criminal MJ-02205-CR-0000239-2013 October 15, 2013 East Hempfield Township Police Department