POLICE INCIDENTS 5/16/22-5/25/22

DOG LAW VIOLATION: On 5-16-22 Marcos Medina (47) of Landisville was cited twice with Confined Within Premises of Owner (S), stemming from an incident 5-12-22 in the 3000 block of Bowman Rd.  Medina’s two dogs were running loose and taken into custody by a resident.

ACCIDENT INVOLVING DAMAGE TO ATTENDED VEHICLE/PROPERTY: On 5-16-22 Amber Lynne Lazer (25) of Lancaster was charged with 2 counts of Accident Involving Damage to Attended Vehicle/Property (M3) and multiple summary traffic violations, stemming from an incident 5-13-22 at 2044 hrs on Centerville Rd in the area of Marietta Ave.  The vehicle Lazer was driving was involved in a crash with another vehicle and Lazer failed to stop at the scene and provide information or render aid.

TRESPASS BY MOTOR VEHICLE:  On 5-16-22 Amber Lynne Lazer (25) of Lancaster was cited with Trespass by Motor Vehicle (S), Careless Driving (S), False Reports (S), Immediate Notice of Accident to Police (S) and Accidents Involving Damage to Attended Property/Vehicle (S), stemming from an incident 5-13-22 at 2050 hrs in the 2800 block of Spring Valley Rd.  The vehicle Lazer was driving was unable to negotiate a curve, struck a curb and drove into a driveway and then the yard.  The vehicle then continued on, became disabled and was left abandoned in the 800 block of Dorse Rd.

PUBLIC DRUNKENNESS: On 5-16-22 Ryanna McElrath (22) of Lancaster was cited with Public Drunkenness (S), stemming from an incident 5-13-22.  McElrath was found walking in the 700 block of Dorsea Rd by Police as they were investigating a hit and run crash that just occurred in the 800 block of Dorsea Rd. 

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: On 5-18-22 police responded to the 100 block of Caroline Ct for a vandalism report.  Sometime between 5-17-22 at 1200 hrs and 5-18-22 at 0930 hrs, actor(s) cut a slit in a vehicle tire.  Total estimated value of damage $130.00. 

HARASSMENT: On 5-18-22 Gregory A Newcomer Jr (41) of Pequea was charged with Harassment (M3) and Harassment (S), stemming from an incident 4-23-22 in the first block of Welsh Dr.

PUBLIC DRUNKENNESS: On 5-19-22 at 0201 hrs, police responded to Sheetz, 3101 Columbia Ave, for an intoxicated male.  Following investigation, Ricardo Nabor (24) of Lancaster was cited with Public Drunkenness (S).

BURGLARY: On 5-21-22 police responded to Subway, 245 Centerville Rd, for a burglary not in progress.  Management discovered the 5-20-22 deposit was missing from the safe.  Video surveillance captured a male unlock and enter the front door of the store at 0202 hrs on 5-21-22, go directly to the office and input the code for the safe, remove money and exit through the back door.  Total estimated value of loss $607.61.

THEFT: On 5-22-22 police received a theft report at Spooky Nook Sports, 2913 Spooky Nook Rd.  Sometime between 0900-1000 hrs this date, actor(s) removed a Nike backpack containing an iPhone, 2 pair of Nike sneakers and cash from a basketball court.  Total estimated value of loss $1,000.00.

THEFT OF VEHICLE PARTS: On 5-23-22 police responded to Kingdom Autohaus, 65 Church St, for a theft report.  Sometime between 5-19-22 at 1100 hrs and 5-21-22 at 1200 hrs, actor(s) removed a catalytic converter from a vehicle.  Total estimated value of loss $2,600.00.

WARRANT SERVICE: On 5-23-22 at 2221 hrs, police made a traffic stop on Marietta Ave in the area of Centerville Rd.  The driver, Dhariyon Harvin (23) of Columbia, was found to have a warrant through Susquehanna Township Police Department, Dauphin County.  Harvin was taken into custody and turned over to the Susquehanna Township Police Department.