Theft from Vehicle

You Can Prevent A Theft From Your Vehicle

Thefts from vehicles are frequently reported to the police department. Many more may go unreported because the amount of loss is insignificant to the owner. This crime remains, year after year, one of the most frequently occurring crimes in the United States.

Why does it happen and how can it be prevented? Vehicles are easy targets and often contain property attractive to thieves. Even the most amateur thief can stroll through residential neighborhoods and parking lots and find plenty of opportunity. A theft from your vehicle can translate into weeks of effort toward putting your affairs back in order. Thefts from vehicles may leave you with the inconvenience of replacing property, making reports to your insurance company and the police, repairing damage to your vehicle, closing credit card accounts, and the frustration of losing your valuables.

Help the East Hempfield Police Department reduce thefts from vehicles in our community by taking these simple steps.

1. LOCK your car when it is unattended.

Leaving your car unlocked is an open invitation for a thief.

2. Do not leave personal property in clear view.

GPS Units, cell phones, briefcases, backpacks, laptops, purses, wallets, gym bags, shopping bags, and cash are the most common items thieves look for. Too often, these are left in plain view in unattended cars.

3. Park in a well-lighted area.

Stay away from areas that are concealed, obscured or remote.

The three elements needed to commit a crime are abilitydesire, and opportunity.
Your complacency creates opportunity and ability for a criminal.