GRADS (Geospatial Real-time Awareness Decision Support and Tactical Deployment Monitoring System)
GRADS  shows police related incidents that occur within East Hempfield Township. The mapped icons are based on reports taken by officers when responding to incidents in the Township. Incidents will not appear on the map if the address was unable to be geocoded (mapped) or if the report for the incident was created less than 24 hours ago.
Users are able to define a date range, agency, and offense type. When you zoom into a specific area, the results will show as text and icons on a map. Clusters of offenses are shown as a yellow circle with a number (the number of offenses in that close area).  When you click on the icon, you will see very basic information about the incident : event number, offense type, location. Specific details are not provided because much of the private information is protected by the Criminal History Record Information Act and exempt under the Right to Know Law .