Vehicle Equipment Violations - Tires Beyond the Bodyline of a Vehicle

It is illegal to drive or operate a vehicle with its tires extending beyond the bodyline of the vehicle.  It states in the Pennsylvania Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations (Title 67), Section 175.65(a): Condition of Tires and Wheels - Tires and wheels shall be in safe operating condition as described in section 175.80 (relating to inspection procedure)

The inspection procedure, section 175.80(e)(1)(ix) states:
     (e) Beneath the Vehicle Inspection

            A beneath the vehicle inspection shall be performed as follows:

              (1) Inspect tires and wheels and REJECT IF one or more of the following apply:

                  (ix) A tire's tread extends beyond the outer edge of the wheel housing inclusive of fender flares.

The tires of a vehicle cannot legally extend beyond the bodyline of a vehicle.  A vehicle where the tires extend beyond the bodyline cannot be LEGALLY inspected in Pennsylvania.  Fender flares are allowed, provided they extend no more than three (3) inches from the flat part of the vehicle's fender.

You could received a citation for Pennsylvania Title 75, Section 4107(b)(2), Unlawful Activities.