Information on the Coronavirus for the Public

22 March 2020

Information on the Coronavirus for the public:

As the Chief of Police for East Earl Township I am deeply concerned about the safety of our residents, visitors, and our first responders, including the members of this police department and their families, while we all deal with the Coronavirus in a collaborative, respectful manner.

Your police department has adopted new procedures so that we can respond to your request for service.  I have implemented a phone call response where the call is of a nature that a physical presence is not necessary.  Your officers have been given strict guidelines on how to respond to each type of call and have also been given discretion to decide which call needs a physical response.  You will see our officers wearing a N95 mask and gloves on any call that requires a physical presence (auto accident, physical altercations, etc.) and the availability of a social distance of 6 feet is not possible.  I am very confident that you will not take offense to an officer appearing at your door in a mask and gloves, or excusing himself to get a mask from a patrol car if the situation and social distancing changes.  Please inform your children about the “masked man” so they do not become fearful.

The police department provides over 5,000 miles of patrol service each month in our Township and will continue to provide the same service.

Monday March 23, 2020 will see the implantation of the Governor’s Order that all non-essential businesses be closed.  Each police officer will carry a 5 page document from the Governor’s Office that contains a description of each type of business and if the particular business may be open.  Our police officers have been directed by me to educate business owners if they are in violation of the Governor’s Order, reserving citations for those that do not comply, or who mistakenly believe they are exempt.  Information for residents and business owners, including those seeking to apply for a Waiver to remain open may be found at:

Please seek information from available news sources about the Coronavirus and how to prevent contamination.

Kevin C. McCarthy, Sr
Chief of Police