VERDICT: Parents Guilty of Beating, Torturing, Depriving Girl of Food and Bathroom

A Marietta couple was convicted of a sequence of abuse and torture of a pre-teenage girl who was deprived of food and bathroom and forced to perform for hours “wall sits” – a strenuous physical exercise for a child.

A Lancaster County jury returned guilty verdicts against Kenneth Greenly III and Jodie Hudson-Greenly to felony counts of endangering a child, conspiracy and misdemeanor assault.

The girl testified that she also was beaten with a belt “too much” to count how often.

Kenneth Greenly, 36, is the girl’s father; Hudson-Greenly, 43, is her stepmother. They bragged about what they did to the girl, according to testimony.

Lancaster County Judge Margaret Miller, who presided over the trial, will order sentence after a background investigation is completed in a couple months.

Assistant District Attorney Janie Swinehart presented testimony at the weeklong trial about abuse of the 11-year-old girl that happened on the weekend of April 20 through April 22, 2018.

ADA Swinehart presented testimony of how the girl:

- Was forced to performed “wall sits” for over four hours each day;

- Was not allowed to sleep, eat, shower, or go to the bathroom. (She had to go to the bathroom through her clothes; urine was then poured over her head.)

- Was beaten with a belt by both her father and stepmother.

The girl, who testified for two hours, had bruising all over her back, legs and arms.

ADA Swinehart argued to the jury that the abuse went beyond discipline. The incidents happened at a home on Red Cedar Lane and at a firehouse where the Greenlys were formerly volunteers.

The jury decided the case Friday afternoon.

Susquehanna Regional police Officer Michael Kimes filed charges.

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