Our Statement on Litigation Involving Board of Commissioners’ Public Comments

There were news reports recently published about the taxpayer costs associated with pending litigation involving our office and the Board of Commissioners.

We want to clarify once again what this litigation is about:

The board’s public assertion that they are investigating this office, and have the authority to do so, for alleged misuse of funds and other matters.

The board’s public allegations are without supporting facts; rather, they were made to sway public opinion of this office.

We prefer to offer these facts:

1. The board has no authority to investigate the office of an elected official.

2. There is no misuse of taxpayer or drug forfeiture funds. Our use of forfeiture funds is audited every year by the state Attorney General and the Lancaster County Controller – not a single misuse or issue has ever been found. (Our forfeiture documents are attached at the bottom.)

3. Several Pennsylvania district attorneys drive forfeiture-funded vehicles; some drive taxpayer-funded vehicles.

4. There was nothing improper about the leasing of the Toyota Highlander. The Lancaster County Controller’s memo (at bottom) makes that clear. Also, this summer, the board signed checks regarding the purchases of five vehicles - without requiring any procurement process. They claimed that same process involved with the leasing of the Highlander was improper.

It is one thing for a Board of Commissioners to make false accusations in the media. We continue to request that the media outlets publishing that rhetoric holds the board accountable for their accusations by demanding supporting facts.

This office has provided those facts along with supporting documents (attached at the bottom of this page).