Who Killed Christy Mirack? Tips Sought in Unsolved 1992 Case; DNA Composites Depict Killer



Christy Ann Mirack, a 25-year-old school teacher, was murdered in her East Lampeter Township home on Dec. 21, 1992. No one has been arrested or charged with her murder. The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, aided by a new technology, is releasing a composite profile of the man believed to have killed Mirack at her Greenfield Estates home.

With DNA collected from the crime scene, District Attorney Craig Stedman’s office tasked Parabon NanoLabs with creating this composite of a white man with dark hair, fair to light-brown complexion, and brown or hazel eyes. Parabon created three versions of the composite (attached to this flier) to show the suspect at ages 25, 45 and 55.

District Attorney Stedman, along with East Lampeter Township police and many other investigators who have worked on this case, urge the public to look at the composites and provide information they have about the person depicted.

The Mirack murder has become one of Lancaster County’s most notable unsolved cases. It was profiled and featured on the FBI’s most wanted list years ago. The FBI, specifically its Capital City Violent Crimes Task Force, as well as the Pennsylvania State Police’s Troop J Lancaster Criminal Investigation Unit assisted local investigators with case work.

In 2015, East Lampeter Township Police consulted with members of the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Investigation Assessment Unit, who offered assistance. After consultation with PSP, Lancaster County DA’s Office and the Lancaster County Detectives, East Lampeter Township police in 2015 transferred the case to Lancaster County Detectives, who work under DA Stedman, primarily on major crimes/complex investigations in the county.

County Detectives Christopher Erb and Larry Martin have headed the investigation, with oversight and consultation from DA Stedman and Assistant District Attorney Wilson.

Throughout the 25-year investigation, numerous individuals have been vetted as potential suspects or persons of interest. They were cleared via alibi, indisputable evidence, DNA evidence – or a combination of the three.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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