Traffic Enforcement Detail

On 02-25-16 the dayshift conducted a traffic enforcement detail.

Area of 12th and Ironville Pk. Speeding Violations. Speed Limit is 25MPH in area, speeds for the violations below were between 15 and 19MPH over the speed limit for the area.

Alexandra Reitzel (20) of Mount Joy

Jennie Fortna (64)) of Landisville

Heidi Lawrence (24) of Columbia

Brenda Hess (58) of Columbia

David Colyer (39) of Columbia

Barry Thomas (38) of Columbia

Maria Hernandez (26) of Leola

Jessica Pagano (33) of Columbia

Steven Deeg (43) of Lancaster

Jesse Eyster (44) of Columbia was stopped at 4th St. and Locust St. for driving with a suspended license.

Julia Greco (36) of York was stopped at 3rd St. and Walnut St. for a registration violation.

Chelsie Lutz (27) of Columbia was stopped for a red light violation at 15th St. and Lancaster Ave.

Katherine Meekins (36) of Marietta was stopped for and inspection violation in the area of Rt. 30 East and Rt. 441. Meekins was also cited for driving with a suspended driver's license.