Columbia High School Senior Prom Promise

On May 8, 2017 at approximately 9:00 am the Columbia High School hosted an event titled "Prom Promise."  The event was to bring DUI related accident awareness to students, specifically Seniors prior to Prom.  Members of the Columbia High School Drama Club, Susquehanna Valley EMS, Columbia QRS, Columbia 8-0 Fire Company, Columbia Police Department, Columbia Fire Police, the Lancaster County Coroner's Office, and Cocker's Towing of Elizabethtown, PA assisted with staging a mock alcohol related fatal accident.  Cocker's Towing donated two vehicles and four members of the Columbia High School Drama Club were actors inside the vehicle.  The impaired "driver" was outside of the vehicle and the three other students were entrapped with one being partially ejected when Police, Fire and EMS responded.  The three students were extricated from the vehicles.  The "deceased" student was extricated and transported by the Coroner's Office.  Seniors, school faculty, and staff were spectators on the side of the scene. 

The goal of this event was to bring awareness to students before they venture out on Prom Night.  The goal of the event was to show the students how these tragic accidents affect communities, friends, family and even the first responders on scene.  Statistical data was provided to students for accidents involving young drivers to include accidents involving alcohol and/or drugs resulting in death or injury.  All involved did a tremendous job reenacting the accident.