There have been several home and vehicle break-ins/attempted break-ins in the Borough over the past few weeks.  The following tips will help you protect yourself and your property:

1.  Keep your home well lit.  Install motion-activated lights outside.  Place the lights up high where they are not easily disabled.  Leaving a light on inside the house at night or when you are away gives the impression that someone is home/awake.

2.  Use a radio or TV to give the impression that the home is occupied.

3.  Install "strike plates" on your doors.

4.  Guard your windows.  Make sure basement windows and other easily accessible windows/doors are secure.  Use a window wedge to allow air circulation but prevent the window from being open past a certain point.  Be aware that items such as flowerpots, picnic tables, chairs and ladders can be used to climb to windows that are higher off the ground.

5.  Display home security signs on the exterior of your property to alert criminals to the fact that you have an alarm system.

6.  Most cars can be locked both manually and automatically, but regardless of how you do it, locking your car is one of the simplest and most important actions you can take to prevent theft and improve safety.  You should always lock your car after leaving the vehicle and while you are actually inside it.

7.  Never leave valuables in your car when you are not in it.  Even the smallest item can draw the attention of a thief.