Law enforcement agencies in Adams, Lancaster, and York Counties will join the Pennsylvania State Police and other municipal agencies to conduct a targeted aggressive-driving enforcement wave from March 18, 2021 through April 25, 2021.

          The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the number of aggressive driving related crashes, injuries, and deaths on roadways throughout the state.  Any aggressive driver stopped by police will receive a ticket.

          The focus of this enforcement wave will be on speeding, distracted driving, and work zone awareness.  Drivers exhibiting unsafe behaviors such as driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, distracted driving, or other aggressive actions will be cited.

Please review the following and modify your driving behaviors where necessary:

  • Obey the Steer Clear Law.  If emergency personnel are on the side of the road, you must move at least one lane away, or slow down.
  • Distracted driving is dangerous!  Put down your cell phone and adjust the radio or fix your makeup before you drive.
  • Aggressive driving is among the leading causes or crashes and fatalities in PA each year.  Are you an aggressive driver?
  • DYK?  Road rage is a criminal offence that can escalate into an assault with a vehicle or weapon.
  • You are 23x more likely to be in a crash if texting while driving.

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