Suspicious Person / Vehicle



The Columbia Borough Police Department has taken two (2) reports recently of people in vehicles trying to get kids into a car. The first was reported on 05-11-20 that a Hispanic male wearing a full face skull mask in a older red Honda Civic with black writing on the back repeatedly asked a child if he wanted candy and stated that he should get in the car. This incident occurred in the 800 block of Blunston St. and followed the child until he went to his house in the 800 blk. of Houston St. The vehicle then made a right onto 9th St. towards Lancaster Ave.

The second incident occurred on 05-13-20 and started at approx. 6PM to 7PM. Two (2) juvenile females reported that a white male was in a black sedan and drove past them in the area of Taylor School several times. While on their way home the vehicle was at 9th and Lancaster Ave. and the male asked them if they wanted a ride. The juveniles stated that they observed the vehicle several more times between their house and the 400 block of Manor St.

If anyone has a child that reported something similar recently to their parents or guardian, they are asked to contact the police department at 717-684-7735 to make a report.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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