The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department continues the investigation into events involving damages to approximately a dozen residential structures and parked vehicles by individuals spray painting the property. On June 8 , many property owners awoke to find their homes and cars damaged by senseless acts of criminal mischief. Damages are still being tabulated for exact loss totals. Anyone with information is requested to contact the NLCRPD at Police Dispatch: (717) 664-1180 or (800) 957-2677. Information may also be provided via

Monday June 10th Township employees will be milling in the Becker development and then move to Laurie Lane between Newport Rd and the Southern intersection of Brookview Drive. Cleaning along the curbs will also take place at this time.

Tuesday June 11th AMS will begin applying material on Oakwood Lane, Buckwood Lane, Spring View Drive, and portions of Woodland Ave. Township employees will finish milling and cleaning on Laurie Lane.

Wednesday June 12th AMS will apply material on Woodland Ave, Crest Drive, Becker Drive and West 3rd Ave.

The NLCRPD salutes all veterans on this anniversary of the day that changed the world.

Fingerprint technology positively identified a man found in the trunk of a vehicle at the Manheim Auto Auction as a wanted person on parole and weapons charges from the state of New York. See for further details. 

A subject was transported for medical care after his discovery in the trunk compartment of a vehicle this afternoon. The NLCRPD is currently investigating after a subject was located within the trunk compartment of a vehicle arriving for sale at the Manheim Auto Auction facility located in Penn Township, Lancaster County, PA.

East bound lane of Millport Road between Highlands Drive and SR501
S. Oak Street, from Fruitville Pike to Sunhill Road
Park Hill Drive, from Bucknoll Road to W. Sunhill Road
Sego Sago Road from Fairland Road to Green Acre Road
Green Acre Road, from Longenecker Road to Water Edge Road

On May 24, 2019, the East Earl Township Police Department has taken several complaints from residents for "phone scams" received.  Complainants report the phone number is spoofed to appear as if it is originating from Social Security.  When the call is answered, the person on the other end asks the caller to confirm their personal information.  In some instances, the caller has threatened to call the "local police" to obtain a "warrant" to arrest the victim.

Detective Theresa Stauffer of the NLCRPD charged REBECCA RAINE FORMICA with felony counts of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility in relation to the 2018 death of 21-year-old PETER DANIEL GARNER of Warwick Township. See for complete details

The NLCRPD is posting this advisory about a stray or feral cat that has been involved in two attacks upon residents resulting in personal injury and potential risk of exposure to animal borne disease. An image depicting the suspected involved animal is attached for the citizen awareness. Should you observe this animal please call Lancaster County Wide Communications at 911 and report the sighting to the NLCRPD for appropriate follow up actions. Do not attempt to capture or have contact with the animal or attempt to destroy the animal.

Officers from Manheim Township Police are currently performing traffic details which target aggressive driving and ensure compliance with seatbelt and child safety seat laws.

Please drive safely, pay attention, and refrain from using handheld electronic devices.

MEDIA CONTACT: Sergeant Michael T. Piacentino, W: 717-569-6401 Ext: 1583, C: 717-340-2130,